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Resilience for Working Brilliance

What does this course include?

A range of courses to enable ’inside-out leadership’ and ignite the warrior within……

Resilience is a contemporary but increasingly powerful factor in the workplace. It is difficult to avoid challenges in the workplace, but what effective organisations can do is build their resilience to them. Workplace resilience training supports your teams to identify, manage, and bounce back from these challenges more effectively. Indeed, today’s pressured working environments, the resilience of individuals and organisations becomes paramount to survive and thrive.

This course focuses on talking a highly tailored approach to exploring building and increasing the mental and emotional wellbeing of staff and organisational members to increase health, job satisfaction and productivity. Our unique programmes focus on helping participants develop personal resilience and/or build resilience guides outlining organisational and individual interventions to build resilience. Based upon evidence from both practitioner and academic literature, this course works particularly well with our building confidence and empowerment training as well as many others such as motivational management.

As with all our learning courses for organisations and individual groups this course can be completely tailored to your specific requirements both in content, duration and level.  See our in-company training guide for further information.

Infused Learning Resilience Course

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