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‘Step Up’ University Transition Programmes

Drop-out rates among university students who give up their studies within 12 months have gone up for the third year in a row, according to official statistics.

Figures released by the Higher Education Statistics Agency [HESA] conclude that 26,000 students in England who began studying for their first degree in 2015 did not make it beyond the first year. According to the Guardian [2016] increases in student numbers and the changing profile of undergraduates not getting adequate support are the key factors fuelling these drop-out increases.

Regardless of the type of university, several common triggers lead to students dropping studies in higher education. These may be individual issues or a mix of problems but there is no doubt retention can be improved if these issues are addressed adequately and promptly. With some inspirational learning and coaching, our ‘Step Up’ programmes develop crucial skills and mindsets to help learners become more resilient in facing their challenges and pressures.

Infused Learning Access Higher Education Learning Assessment Requirements

Our Solution?

Our ‘Step Up’ programmes are specifically targeted at reducing the drop-out and mandatory exclusion of students in Higher Education in the UK.  We offer a range of exciting and informative learning opportunities and short study programmes which can be delivered flexibly and completely tailored to the needs of your learners and individuals themselves.

These inspirational programmes are proving highly successful and can be delivered prior to university entry or upon various stages of university study. The programmes can be delivered as stand-alone units and/or delivered remotely. Embracing mastery learning techniques to build confidence, most programmes start with some introductory learning but are generally aimed at level 3 and 4.

Did you know? All learners on our your tailored ‘Step Up’ Programme receive the following:

- A workbook with activities and interactive tasks which utilises numerous teaching methodologies including, multi-media tools, analysis and critical evaluation, reflection and feedback
- All materials for the completion of the unit/s
- Certification of attendance and completion

What units are on offer?

As noted our ‘Step Up’ Programme units have been developed as a response to tackling drop-out rates in Higher Education. However, if you have a specific training need or request to embed within this programme please do not hesitate to discuss this with us when creating your tailored plans.

Academic Skills and Personal Development

  1. Critical Reading
  2. Reading and Note-taking
  3. English for Academic Study
  4. Language for Meaning
  5. Writing for University
  6. Reflective Writing
  7. Harvard/Chicago Referencing
  8. Research Skills with Critical Analysis
  9. Assignment Planning
  10. Presentation Skills
  11. Time Management Skills and Strategies
  12. Essay Writing and Structure
  13. Report Writing and Structure
  14. Justifying Opinions and making Argument’s
  15. Success in Groupwork

Health and Well-being

  1. Resilience and Emotional Well-being [for those away from home for the first time and home students]
  2. Confidence Building and Empowerment
  3. Stress Management
  4. Motivation and maintaining Momentum
  5. Mindfulness and being present and pro-active in our lives
  6. Managing Money and Budgeting
  7. Managing Anxiety
  8. One-to-one Life Coaching [specific Support plans for individual learners]
  9. Healthy Nutrition on a Budget

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