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Helping young people access university

On our first day of Christmas, we shared a sneak peak of our ILM Level Three two-day course for those managers that are hoping to develop themselves, and their career, in 2018; but on our second day of Christmas, we want to give some hope to a younger audience across the UK.

It’s been six months since students received their A’ Level results and for some young people, it was a dark day, having failed to achieve the results they wanted, or perhaps even any A’ Levels at all. But, however you feel, and whatever you are told, you have a bright future, it’s just that the exam-heavy A’ Levels were not for you. Christmas should be all about hope, and if you know a young person in this situation – a son, a daughter, a niece or nephew, a brother or sister, then please share the possibilities that there is an answer, and this answer is an Access course.

Access Diplomas are often misunderstood with many people not realising that, not only is an Access Diploma comparable to three A ‘Levels, but it is also recognised by EVERY university in the UK.

An Access Diploma is also ALL assignment-based so for those students that have struggled because they can’t get on with exams, this could be the perfect option. We’d bet that the students that didn’t achieve their A’ Levels are actually exceptionally bright, it’s just that they learn in a different way to those who find exams more manageable – tell these young people that they won’t need to complete exams, and watch their faces light up, they may even be excited about studying again – a real Christmas miracle!

Access Diplomas are also incredibly flexible and are completed via distance learning, with as much tutor support as the young person needs. Students have complete control and can undertake the qualification as quickly as they like – for example they could work on it full time and complete it in six months – which would mean that they could be at University next October! Of course, they could also take longer and balance their studies with a full or part-time time job if finances are an issue.

What’s also wonderful about an Access course is that, although the qualification would need to be paid for in the first instance, all students can get an Advance Learner Loan – then once they achieve their degree, they will not need to pay this money back – the Government writes the Advance Learner Loan off, assuming the student then goes onto University and passes their degree.

We think that giving those young people who have felt despair at their results some real hope, and the opportunity to find out more about this route to university, is a cracking Christmas gift. Myself (Tara) and my Co-Founder, Natalie, are both available over the festive break to talk you, your young person or parents about what completing an Access Diploma could mean to them.

Sometimes the only chance we get to have a proper conversation with our families is when we are all on holiday from our day to day responsibilities, so we understand if you want to talk to us while the topic is hot but when most people are off work! Everyone is welcome to give us a call on 07891 336 853, in or out of ‘normal’ working hours, and we will speak to all interested people who would like more information or advice.

Merry Christmas – and see you all tomorrow!

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