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ILM Level 3: Benefits to your business

Sending your employees on an Institute of Leadership and Management course is your ticket to getting yourself a first-class manager, who will reward your investment ten-fold with loyalty and newly learned skills. Here, we focus on the benefits of the level 3 course.

One of the biggest challenges in any growing business is getting great staff and holding on to them once you do. Recruitment is a major headache and one to be avoided as far as possible, but there’s a limit to how many expensive perks and benefits you can offer to keep your employees from straying without breaking the bank!

That’s where it really pays dividends to send your staff on an ILM Level 3 course at Infused Learning. Training is probably the best investment you’ll make as a business because it will make your great staff feel valued more than any amount of free lunches or extra days off will, and it will mean they’ll come back to the office with a fistful of skills enabling you to push your business on the path it deserves to go on: upwards!

So who’s the ILM level 3 best for?

The course is really aimed at people who you may have already promoted to being managers but don’t yet have the formal training that will equip them for the job. Your fantastic new team leader who has been with you for a few years, that you really want to push up to the next level – they’re ideal for ILM Level 3.

It’s also ideally suited for those people who may be a rung or two up the career level, ie: people who are managers but are now looking – or you would like to promote – into becoming leaders of your organisation. The ILM level 3 course also covers the principles of leadership that will be really invaluable for those people who you hope may take the business on to their shoulders in five to ten years.

When’s a good time for staff to complete an ILM level 3 course?

If your organisation is about to go through some sort of change – either significant growth, or, on the other side of the coin, perhaps a time of having to reduce staffing costs – this is a great time to give staff this training, as the ILM level 3 teaches people how to manage times of pressure.

During the course, delegates will also learn how to motivate and inspire people within their teams to go that extra mile towards achieving a business’s goals. This kind of positive communication can be rare in management roles with people who have been promoted into senior positions because they have specific skills beneficial to an organisation – ie, a strong knowledge of IT or engineering – but have not learned the ability to communicate their knowledge to staff working below them.

So go on, find out more about our ILM level 3 course today!

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