Immerse yourself in English language and culture in the heart of England...

New for 2019 summer language camps in Nottingham from an award-winning education provider.


Immersive Learning

Learning with us is always the most pioneering and fun. Indeed our motto is about making 'learning as unique as you'. All our English Language students will receive a comprehensive initial assessment and, will return home with a tailored development plan at the end of their exciting and fun studies with us that will provide the foundations for future development. From staying with our highly vetted local host families to exploring our local traditions, history and culture, all these elements will form part of the enjoyment and embedding of lifelong learning. As an ethical and professional organisation, you can be assured we operate only to the highest standards.



We win awards because whatever we do, we do to ground-breaking standards. Our international language camps will embed every aspect of best practice, from the most inspirational and experienced teachers and learning, to the warmest hosts and comfortable accommodation. Our extensive activities and focus on the uniqueness of every learner as an individual will create life-long memories as well as the most impactful learning journey. We have a clear open pricing structure with no hidden costs unlike most other providers and a support advisor that will help you to put together a personalised experience and learning plan with us prior to your arrival.

About Infused Learning

Infused Learning is a UK registered not-for-profit education provider who have won multiple awards. We change lives and opportunities through cutting-edge education and training.

New for 2019 we will be offering a small number of international students the opportunity to experience our award-winning provision in learning English as a foreign language in our home town of Nottingham, England. We have planned these to be the most exciting, immersive language camps offered within the UK.