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Step up the career ladder with an ILM course and you’ll never look back – a guide for employees

Whether it’s an accountancy firm, an engineering business, an SME or a clothes shop, many workplaces operate the same organisational structure which sees middle managers and senior managers responsible for groups of staff.

Depending on where you work, there is very often the opportunity for those who show aptitude to progress to management level and a higher salary. But with more pay comes more responsibility and a new set of skill requirements: getting the best out of other people. In short, being a good manager.

And that’s where an Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM) course comes in. A leading authority on management, these courses offer the chance to hone skills and get a respected industry qualification that will be of great benefit to you as an employee and your employer too.

So what will you learn?

  • Organisational change: the skills you will learn will help new managers if their workplace is going through structural changes – such as budget cuts, redundancy or other pressures. And if that’s not the case now, it’s highly likely it will at some point during any chosen career. Course participants will learn the right way to lead people through such changes and avoid legal pitfalls.
  • How to be effective: One of the main strengths of a great manager is the ability to motivate people so that they are enthusiastic about their job. Happy staff are proven to increase productivity. Taking part in the course will help provide “tools” to help managers keep everyone on board and lead great teams who will noticeably improve bottom lines.
  • Implementing changes in practice: Changes in the workplace are not just negative – ie, cutting costs. Changes can be the result of a strategic overview meaning that employees throughout an organisation will need to perform essential tasks in different ways. These matters need proper handling so that everyone in the workplace feels valued and that they’re not simply being asked to do things differently with no clear communication as to the reasons why. Good management is invaluable in such situations.

So if you’re a team leader wanting to make the next step up, or a recently promoted manager keen to gain the skills to perform effectively, why not sign up to one of our Infused Learning ILM courses? We offer level 3 and 4 qualifications which will give a great skills-set helping employees move up to the next level. And if you choose to move on in your career, these are fabulous additions to any CV, letting any new employer know at a glance that you have highly valuable skills.

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