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We're a socially minded not-for-profit

As a social enterprise, we are not driven by profit gain. Our ethical business model makes us seek wealth through delivering the best quality, life-changing experiences and developmental opportunities to as many individuals and organisations as we can reach. Morals and ethics always outweigh the profit margin.

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Tailored & cutting-edge qualifications

'Learning as unique as you' is our philosophy. Whether you are an individual or a business organisation or charity, everything we do is built around you, even in our mainstream accredited qualifications. This is our unique sales proposition and the key ingredient in our success. We invest in developing and delivering a diverse portfolio of qualifications including being the ONLY provider in the UK offering Access to Higher Education Diplomas in Accounting and History online.

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We offer 24 hour access to our online Learning Zone

Your learning is built around you. There are no prerecorded seminars or large groups. You learn through access to resources in our online learning zone and unlimited specialised one-to-one tutor support as and when you need it.

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Our World-Class Expert Tutors

Whether you’re considering the experience of our tutors and expert trainers in private one-to-one or business training setting, our small team are some of the best in the sector. With our accredited qualifications, you can determine when you need tutor support, how you receive it and for how long. In our corporate training, we work with you to fulfil your specific needs.

We’re here in the evenings and at weekends and you can contact us via email, Skype, phone and even instant messaging. Our personal tutors and trainers are all fully qualified and experienced teachers and have annual full DBS checks. We employ only the very best and inspirational tutor/trainers who are all life-coaching trained.

Our initial guidance and promise

The initial advice and guidance information (IAG) we provide to every learner and organisation is a critical part of our learning and training related services.

As a not-for-profit Social Enterprise, effective and honest ‘IAG’ is essential for enabling individuals and organisations to take responsibility for their life choices and progress in learning and development.

Accurate advice and assessment is critical if individuals and organisations are to raise their aspirations and capitalise on the opportunities available to them. Infused Learning is committed to ensuring that everyone who accesses our services are supported in making informed choices about their specific learning and training requirements.

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Our IAG mission

All our service users will have access to excellent quality information and initial advice and guidance around future learning, training, employment and career opportunities.

Our team are highly trained to deliver our services and support diverse needs.

We will tailor our services to meet individual needs, fully embedding equality and diversity considerations and requirements.

We will ensure service users understand enough about what qualifications, skills, training and experience they need to succeed and achieve their personal or organisational mission and goals.

We will use our expert knowledge, industry and career information to inform our services, ensuring our provision is relevant and supports individual and organisational development and progression as per the defined goals/ambitions.

Our curriculum based learning and accredited qualifications will be linked to careers advice and guidance, ensuring our offer meets learner needs and the needs of specific organisations/groups.

Our success measures are drawn from a combination of rigorous internal and external quality analysis factors including internal audits, success rates and stakeholder and client feedback.